Preparing for Your Newborn (Series) - Saint Joseph Medical Center

Classes teaches holding, bathing, diapering, time management, keeping your baby safe, reading your infants cues, promoting infant brain development, current parenting philosophies, safe and healthy newborn sleep, infant crying and soothing techniques, choosing a pediatrician, online resources and feeding techniques.

Saint Joseph Hospital is the only hospital on the west coast teaching the highly acclaimed New Child Project Curriculum. These classes are designed to prepare a couple?s relationship for the birth of their baby. Research shows that 67% of couples experience a significant decline in relationship satisfaction the first year after the baby is born.

These classes are skill based and will teach you what to expect, how to maintain connections, how to co-parent well together, healthy sexuality after birth, how to maintain harmony, division of labor.

These are very interactive class between you and your partner and will prepare you well for the Postpartum transition and beyond.

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
501 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91505

If you have any questions about this class or any of our pre-natal classes, please call our Health Resource Center Coordinators at 1.888.HEALING (432.5464).

Class Cancellation, Rescheduling and Refund Policy:

- Payment will be refunded in full when given a minimum 7 day notice
- A $10.00 service fee applies for cancellations with less than a 7 day notification
- There are no refunds for cancellations with less than a 48 hour notification
- Payment is not transferable to another date with less than a 24 hour notification or if the class is not attended
Fee: $95.00
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